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South Asia's Largest Stock Photo Company

Picxy is a Stock Photo Company Acquiring Content in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives from South Asia and Expanding East and West Soon.

We empower photographers to Learn, Click, Earn and Grow.

We curate content, use machine learning and big data to provide the best content and experience to our Consumers.


Curated Photos

We preselect the photos so that our customers don’t have to waste time.


Pan South Asia Coverage

We got South Asia Covered, Literally the Length and Breadth.


Geographic Search

We are World’s First and Only Geo Searchable Stock Content Company.


Storified Content

Our Photos aren’t Just Photos, They have a story or fit very well into a story.

Make Money by Selling on Picxy

On every sale, photographers make 25 to 60 percentage of revenue share.

Where do my Pictures go ?


Checkout our 600+ categories and stories to understand what our customers are looking for.

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