Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get paid ?

You will earn as your photos get sold. For taking the pain of uploading tons of pictures, we will honor a prepaid amount between INR 2,000 - 10,000 when more than 300 of your photos get approved.

This is a prepaid payment that we do. Which means when you start making money through sales, we have already paid you 2000 and the more you earn, the more you get.

How much do I get paid ?

You are paid a royalty of 25-35% of the profit made on each image.

Remember you could do multiple sales on a single image.

How else do I make money on Picxy ?

If your images are Iconic and we love them, we will buy out the rights of those Pictures and Pay you for that. We call these Iconic Photos as Picxy Originals.

I have a drone, what can I do with Picxy ?

Awesome ! We have a category for Drone Phototgraphy. Both Pictures and Footages by Drones sell at a Premium Pricing. Get in touch with us for more details.

How do I upload content ?

Sign up and validate your account and you are good to go. Go ahead and upload your Photos using our upload functionality at the link:

Can I upload anything and Everything ?

Well, Think about it, if you love your content, for sure. Make sure its taken on a DSLR.

What kind of pictures is Picxy Looking for ?

Pictures that have a story of fit well into a story is what we are looking for. We want life around Taj Mahal in Agra, not just 1000 images of Taj Mahal. You get it right ?!

If not talk to one of our content experts, they will guide you through.

What is this Metadata ? Why should I update it ?

Metadata is data about data ( I should have warned you that we are geeks. )

Lol. Jokes apart. So when we have over a million images on the platform, information like description, title, tag, geo location help our customers search and find the photo they are precisely looking for. Its a great experience for everyone on the platform.

So yes, Metadata updating adds a lot more cream to that yummy cake that you clicked.

What happens after I upload ?

Our content team reviews and approves content that are worth being featured on our clients who would be top media houses.

You will be notified when your photos get approved and also will be given feedback on any rejected photos.

Is my content safe in Picxy hands ?

Absolutely. Watermarked images is all one has access to. Your Original images are sitting in Amazon Cloud with best Security systems in place ( FBI hosts on Amazon, just to let you know how safe it is ). Also, our Legal team will send notices to copyright violators as needed.

Do I get enough credit for my works ?

We love and respect photographers. Media houses should give credit to the content they used as Picxy/Photographer Name. So technically our name and your name are always going to be on the articles on Top Media Houses.